Two and half hour only nap cardigan for baby kid

4Baby: 2 1/2 Hour Nap Free Crochet Pattern

Here is an absolutely beautiful baby sweater that is infinitely variable in terms of color and texture combinations. This gorgeous pattern has a rich, soft texture eminently suited to baby clothes. It is simply THE ideal project for a baby shower gift. Also, the piece does not require highly advanced skills, and can be attempted […]

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Cat Applique
Slippers Socks

Slippers Socks: Easy and Fast Slippers with Heart or Fox Free Crochet Patterns

Love these pattern! It’s easy to work up and you will be able to finish it in one evening. A pattern is foreseen for adults and kids as well. You can make it plane or add a heart; there is also a fox chart available at the end of the post which you can incorporate […]

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Afghans & Blankets
Africa Blanket Pillow CAL Free Crochet Pattern
Blanket | Afghan | Throw
Geometric Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Afghans & Blankets: Geometric Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Geometric patterns are neat, because of their timelessness. You find them in thoroughly novel designs, but also in ones inspired by native and folk art. Here are two that demonstrate just how versatile they are. Africa Blanket Pillow CAL Free Crochet Pattern The Africa Blanket pillow is a pattern inspired by traditional African geometric patterns, […]

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Amigurumi & Toys
Chinese New Year Rat Free Crochet Pattern
MeiMei Baby Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi: Ami Which Brings You Happiness, Free Crochet Patterns

These very small and quick project can bring fortune and happiness to your recipient. Chinese New Year Rat Free Crochet Pattern The Chinese New Year Rat is an adorable little rodent that is easy to make, easy to give and is supposed to bring the holder good luck in the upcoming new year. This is […]

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Evocation Doily Free Crochet Pattern

4Home: Evocation Doily Free Crochet Pattern

Have you already seen this doily? It’s breathtaking! It’s a new pattern by Julia Hart and it’s called Evocation. A finished one measures about 14″ in diameter. As the pattern is divided into 3 parts, you will find it very easy to make a smaller doily and also play around with your favorite colors. Each part […]

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Bunny with Heart
Easter Bunny
Gift Idea
Love Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern
Valnetine's Bunny

Amigurumi: Love Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? I hope not, because this lovely bunny with heart can be a great gift for any occasion! No matter whether it is Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or a birthday party, you can spread your love with this quick, cute gift! As it’s Valentine’s Day today, it’s a […]

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Blanket | Afghan | Throw
Mermaid Lap Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Mermaid Tale Blanket Free Crochet Patterns
Rainbow Sparkle Mermaid Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

baby blankets: Mermaid Tail Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Which little girl has never wanted to be Ariel? A very precious few, I think. It’s always been a dream of millions of little girls to be a beautiful mermaid swimming in the ocean and having fun. This blanket will help your daughter achieve that dream, or at least fall asleep dreaming she has. The […]

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Blog: Crazy for Crochet — A Beginner’s Guide

Whether you’ve decided to take up crochet to put your mind at ease or just because you want to do something productive to pass your free time, you’ve made the right choice. While it may seem a bit intimidating at first, all you need to be a good crochet artist are the right tools and […]

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Amigurumi & Toys
Kira Kangaroo Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi: Kira Kangaroo Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

We are all deeply moved by the events going on in Australia. Due the losses Australian animals are suffering, the crochet community has pooled together in many initiatives to help. For the month of January, all proceeds from the sale of the Kira Kangaroo designer donate to the WWF-Australia to support the protection and restoration […]

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