Blanket | Afghan | Throw: NYA Infinity Mosaic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The Nya “Infinity ” blanket looks like a tiled mosaic, but is in fact a continuous piece made using a few basic crochet stitches. Because of this, the size is easily adjustable, and the blanket can be made to suit any purpose. Given the contrasting stitches, it is particularly amenable to using two very different hues of yarn, giving it a very bright and vibrant appearance. This blanket is a great project for the beginner who’s already done a few things, or will provide a pleasant diversion for more advanced crocheters. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

SkillsEasy     Designer: Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

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Go to the pattern:

NYA Infinity Mosaic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

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