Blanket | Afghan | Throw: The Fairy Slippers Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This is a blanket whose colors are inspired by the fairy slipper orchid. It’s a beautiful, airy pattern that is perfect for a baby blanket, but it’s also eminently suitable for making full size blankets as well. In particular, the diagonal patterns of perforations give it a very interesting, almost spiral pattern. This whorl effect plays very nicely with the bands of delicate colors. Blanket size is dependent on the number rounds and yardage used, and the overall appearance gives the air of a much more complete and homogenous project than a typical granny square. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

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SkillsEasy        Designer:  Mary J Stephens

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The Fairy Slippers Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


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