Day: October 24, 2019

Blanket | Afghan | Throw
Meandering Paw Prints over the Rainbow Bridge
Paw Prints Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Blanket | Afghan | Throw: Paw Prints Motif Free Crochet Patterns

Paw prints are fun motifs to place on crocheted items. They can be a paw-shaped hole, regularly spaced on a surface, like in this rainbow paw blanket. Here, they are arranged like a bunch of puppies left their tracks up the blanket. The blanket is made of simple stitches and works up quickly. Of course […]

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Leon Lion Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi: Leon Lion Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a lion amigurumi pattern, but it was worth the wait. Leon is a beautiful little guy, with his shaggy mane, chubby tummy and paws. This is an easy and fun pattern. The only tricky bit is the mane, but I’m sure you are more than capable of getting […]

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Blanket | Afghan | Throw
Wear Your Heart on your Square Free Crochet Patterns

Blanket | Afghan | Throw: Wear Your Heart on your Square Free Crochet Patterns

Never Ending Love Square Free Crochet Pattern The Never ending love square is a wonderful pattern to add to your arsenal. In keeping with some recent patterns, this is another square with a symmetric central motif done in relief to give the pattern a rich surface and wonderful feel. It’s a great design for a […]

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Flower Mesh Free Crochet Pattern

Stitch: Flower Mesh Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern will be a good learning practice for all lace pattern lovers. With a help of Flower Mesh Pattern and its tutorial you will create a lovely airy texture. You can adapt this stitch in many projects; it will be perfect e.g. in a delicate shawl, kitchen curtain or a side tablecloth. A yarn […]

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Kid's Midnight Top Free Crochet Pattern

Top: Kid’s Midnight Top Free Crochet Pattern

Some time ago I recommended to you Midnight Top for Women pattern which I fell in love with. Now they’ve done a smaller version for kids. I’m sure you will love it. Your little girl will stun everyone with her new summer top. This is comfy, yet light and airy. This summer fashion accessory will definitely be a hit […]

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Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas
Holiday Fair Isle Rug
Rug | Carpet

Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas: Project in Holiday Spirit Free Crochet Patterns

Although it is mid of the autumn, it’s the right time to start Holiday projects to be prepared for the time when orange will be replaced by green, red and white decorations. Here are two projects which will match your interior no matter is it modern or classical design: Holiday Fair Isle Rug and Christmas […]

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