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Among all the seasons, wintertime probably has the most beautiful decorations from all. We want to underline Christmas joy and anticipation and get in the holiday mood with tons of decorations both inside and outside. The indoor or outdoor wreath is very popular each season, but most of the patterns you can find are autumn decor. Here you will find the best ideas just right for winter! A  link to free patterns is included under the photos.

Snowflake Wreath Free Crochet Patterns

A wreath with a frosty-looking layer of snowflakes will be a very simple and original idea for decorating your front door. It’s a particularly good project if you have a colored door to underline the white of the snowflakes.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Hannah Cross

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Snowflake Wreath



Snowball Wreath Free Crochet Pattern

Here you have snowmen standing behind a pile of snowballs. What could be better than that for reminding us about the season and getting us in the spirit of things?

Skills: Easy   Designer : Sarah Zimmerman

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Snowball Wreath


Circle of Snowmen Wreath Free Crochet Pattern

Big snowballs in colorful hats will be your children’s most favorite pattern. This is an easy pattern and a fun project for the downtime in between larger, more demanding projects.

Skills: Easy              Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

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Go to the pattern:

Circle of Snowmen Wreath

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