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Can you feel Christmas yet? Let festive mood grow stronger and stronger each day, and make a beautiful calendar you can make a countdown on. Traditional Advent calendars have little pockets for all twenty-four days before Christmas, which hide little treats for each day. Not only will you make a lovely gift for all the kids in your family, but also a beautiful festive decoration for your home. Go for classic shapes and neutrals, if you want to keep it minimal, or go for crazy colors and use up leftover scraps of yarn. Either way, try to find joy in the wait. Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely advent calendar is classic towel-shaped wall decoration. Each of the pockets hides little crochet decoration, which you can put on the Christmas tree above – it will be fully adorned when the big day comes!

Go to the pattern: Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar



Advent Calendar Crochet-Along Free Pattern

Little stockings are perfect way to make no-fuss Advent calendar. Search through your stash and find leftover yarn ends that you can use for this project – recycling is the best!

Go to the pattern: Advent Calendar Crochet-Along



Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Free Crochet Pattern

Why not go for something more fun? This amazing calendar in tree shape hides winter activities for all your family! Make your days filled with surprises and quality time.

Go to the pattern: Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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Advent Calendar Free Crochet Pattern

Why not go for something extra-simple? Little pockets are so easy to make, that beginners will have no problems doing it. Write numbers on the buttons – it looks lovely!

Go to the pattern: Advent Calendar



Stocking Advent Calendar Free Crochet Pattern

Classic little socks are so cute, they will look great as a garland all winter season! Put little sweets inside and add tags for consecutive days.

Go to the pattern: Stocking Advent Calendar


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