Clothes: Not too Hot Bandana-Style Scarf Free Crochet Patterns

Looking for a light scarf to give you additional warmth but not a really bulky one? Do you have a winter coat with high, warm collar and a huge shawl or scarf is not needed, and would be very uncomfortable? See these two projects below: the Mint Twist Scarf and Harvest Bandana Cowl. A link to free pattern is below the photos.

Mint Twist Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

The Mint Twist Scarf is not only beautifully matched in ice-hued colours, but it is also easy to make. A great pattern for an advanced beginner or a good opportunity for advancement for a newbie.

Skills: Easy        Designer: Megan Meyer

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Go to the pattern:

Mint Twist Scarf


Harvest Bandana Cowl Free Pattern

The Harvest Bandana Cowl was inspired by the traditional bandana. It is a quick and easy project to make, and all you need is one ball of yarn.
Skills: Easy            Designer: Tamara Kelly

Go to the pattern:

Harvest Bandana Cowl


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