Amigurumi: Naptime Bear Free Crochet Patterns

Lying Bear Free Crochet Pattern

Does a bear lie down in the woods? Why yes, and in your home as well. This cute little lazybones looks like he just ate a whole barrel of “hunny” and now needs to rest, just a little bit, until he can move again. This bear is an easy amigurumi pattern with a pear-shaped main body and stitched on limbs and accessories. It’s a great little project for using up yarn ends that seem to accumulate all the time. Links to free patterns are under the photos.

SkillsEasy           Designer Mauvepony

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Go to the pattern:  Lying Bear


Sleepy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

In keeping with the sleepy bear theme, here is the Sleepy Bear pattern that makes a classic sitting teddy with ultra-adorable drooping eyes, just nodding off. A great example to your rambunctious little monsters who aren’t tired at all, and don’t need to go to bed at all, no ma’am!

Skills:  Easy to Intermediate Designer: Jennifer Olivarez  

Go to the pattern:  Sleepy Bear


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