Accessories: Cosy Crochet Ear Warmers

Whether you want to make a quick accessory for yourself, or you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, crochet ear warmers are a way to go! They work up fast, come in handy in many situations, and you can make a bunch in different colors to match your mood or outfit. Go for the simplest ones, if you are a complete beginner, or try something more challenging, if you want to raise the bar a bit. Adding little details, like buttons or embroidery, will make them even more personal. Take a look at examples below and get inspired! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Michigan Mountain Ear Warmer Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely structural ear warmer looks complicated, but in fact uses only basic stitches. It’s easy to make and works up fast. Practice your skills and try this quick project.


Go to the pattern: Michigan Mountain Ear Warmer



Slightly Twisted Ear Warmer Free Crochet Pattern

Twisted front of this ear warmer gives it nice shape. It will look great in single color, as well as in multicolored yarn, just like in the picture. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern.


Go to the pattern: Slightly Twisted Ear Warmer



Petite Picot Headband Free Crochet Pattern

Beautiful yarn in rich colors is half a success when it comes to little accessories like ear warmers. They are warm and comfy, and will compliment any look – and we need to look stylish during winter, too!


Go to the pattern: Petite Picot Headband

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Amarië Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern

This rainbow is like no other – warm and comfy! Use scraps of your favorite yarns to make lovely colorful headbands. Why not make a lot? You can gift them to your friends and family!

Go to the pattern: Amarië Earwarmer



Simple Ear Warmer Free Crochet Pattern

The simplest projects are the perfect starting point for beginners. If you have never tried crocheting, start here – basic stitches are all you need to make this project.


Go to the pattern: Simple Ear Warmer


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