Accessories: Fetching Earwarmer Free Crochet Patterns

Earwarmers are a great alternative to hats. They cover up your ears and forehead, keeping them warm, but let the top of your noggin breathe, so you don’t get hockey hair or overheat. At the same time, they are a wonderful and chique fashion accessory.

Coffee Bean Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern

 The Coffee Bean Earwarmer in particular is an attractive accessory and a fun project to make, with its coffee-and-cream color gradient and jaunty button. Links to free patterns are under the photos.

SkillsEasy           Designer Megan Meyer

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Go to the pattern:

Coffee Bean Earwarmer


Katuna Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern

For a somewhat louder earwarmer, try the Katuna pattern. It’s a more traditional twist model, but in louder and more vibrant colors to match either a child’s outfit or your ski suit.

Skills: Easy        Designer: Harlee Wentworth

Go to the pattern:

Katuna Earwarmer


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