Amigurumi: Sheep Keychain Free Crochet Patterns

Sheep Etu Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Sheep are a fun subject to crochet, because they are fluffy, soft and sheepish ;D These cue little baa-baas use tufted yarn and and two 6 ovoid shapes (body, head, 4 legs) to make a super attractive doodad to serve as a keychain. They will also be great as knick-knacks for placing around the house, great for traditional and crafty-looking decor. Links to free patterns are under the photos.

Skills:  Easy           Designer: Kristi Randmaa

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Go to the pattern:

Sheep Etu


Sheep Keychain Free Crochet Pattern

Of course, the sheep you make can also be more dedicated to the keychain, as well as being more cartoonish and playful… such as in the sheep keychain pattern below. Of course, if you make one of these for yourself, everybody will want one… so be prepared to make a whole bunch.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Amigurumi Today

Go to the pattern:

Sheep Keychain


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