Amigurumi: Baby Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Everyone, not only a children loves this magical creature. A multicolor mane not only gives him a desirable and an eye-catching look, but also makes him easy to personalize if you want to crochet e.g. a whole family of unicorns. This baby unicorn is a just right size to be a perfect softie to cuddle up. It measures 6.6″ (17 cm) and can be easily taken everywhere during summer and spring trips. Baby Unicorn Pattern is a great opportunity to try a crochet eyes instead of safety eyes which looks amazing! You can use this technique as a part of your next creations as well. A link to a free pattern is at the end of the post. 

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Amigurumi Unicorns Free Crochet Pattern

SkillsIntermediate           Designer Gretel Crespo

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Go to the pattern: Baby Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern


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