Accessories: Crown Free Crochet Patterns

With Christmas winding down, it’s time to look to the upcoming year. One of the favorite accessory to wear at a party on New Year’s eve is a crown.

Royal Crown Free Crochet Pattern

So, while everyone else is wearing paper crowns from New Year’s crackers, you can be ever so stylish and regal with this lovely crocheted crown. Its lacy structure and gems give it that true jewel look. However, as fancy as it is, it has a subtle grace that a paper crown just can’t match. Of course, it’s not only a possible New Year’s item, and your little princess would adore one for sure. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post. 

Skills: Easy          Designer: Lotta Breyer

Go to the pattern:

Royal Crown


Princess Crown Free Crochet Pattern

In that vein, all little princesses need a crown. To satisfy the demand, here is a quick and easy pattern that requires little effort. It’s a good project for both a big celebration or everyday play.
Skills: Easy   Designer : Ira Rott

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Go to the pattern: 

Princess Crown


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