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Is your “to-do list” always a little too long? You are not alone! We all know that passionate crocheters can get really busy sometimes as the wonderful patterns just keep coming our way. Guess what? We have more of them for you today! One Day Crochet Blankets are really special though. If you need a handmade gift for a party you got invited to last-minute, these patterns will save the day. They will also let you relax and enjoy your favorite hobby on an unexpectedly free afternoon. Before the evening comes, you will be wrapped in a new cozy blanket! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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One Day Crochet Blankets Free Crochet Pattern


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3 Hour Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This is certainly one of the quickest projects in today’s selection. If you are in extreme rush and need a pretty blanket immediately, this is the answer to your prayers. And when I say immediately, I really mean it! Well then, do you have three hours to spare this evening?



Go to the pattern: 3 Hour Blanket, more info here.



Three Hour Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Here is the other project that can be completed in the course of one evening. It’s amazingly chunky and thick so it will be perfect for all the long winter afternoons spent lying on the couch with a book. It’s a simple design with a cool texture, versatile enough to suit every interior, depending on the color you choose.



Go to the pattern: Three Hour Throw, more info here.



5 Hour Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Squishy, thick and modern. These are the first three words I would use to describe this delightful blanket. It will look absolutely adorable in a nursery if you choose pastel shades, and in a modern living room in Scandinavian style if you go for neutrals instead.



Go to the pattern: 5 Hour Crochet Blanket, more info here.

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Ten Hours Throw Free Crochet Pattern

If you already know how to create a wonderful structure and you are wondering what color palette you should use for the blanket of your dreams, there is one answer that’s always correct. A very simple one, we might add! Let’s trust mother nature on this and agree on a rainbow being the greatest combination of colors.

Go to the original pattern: 5 1/2 Hour Throw, more info about this version here.


4 Hour Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Are you already familiar with the half double crochet stitch? Well, if you are not, there are three things you need to know. It is super attractive, super easy and super quick. This blanket covered with wide horizontal stripes is the ultimate classic. Are you going to stick with pastels or go for something bolder this time?



Go to the pattern: 4 Hour Crochet Blanket, more info here.


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