4Baby: Cosy Baby Mittens

Which one of us doesn’t adore the patterns for lovely tiny accessories for newborns and toddlers? No matter if you are a parent or just a friend of a family with a special little one in it, you will certainly fall under the spell of these Cosy Baby Mittens. This selection is so versatile. You will find something elegant, something cool, something original and perfectly basic. The possibilities are endless! Play with colors, adjust the sizes and make a pair of baby mittens that meets all your needs. You will make an amazing little someone very happy. Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Cosy Baby Mittens Free Crochet Pattern


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Velvet Baby Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

Can you believe that this beautiful pair of mittens is actually very easy and quick to make? Even if you are a complete beginner, you can finish this precious little project in less than an hour. If you know a very elegant baby, this will be the perfect handmade gift.

Go to the pattern: Velvet Baby Mittens, more info here.



Baby Heart Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

These mittens are evidently sweet, but the geometric patterns and soft pom-poms give them a cool vibe. The combination of neutral grey and bright pink is timeless. You can change the character of this design by mixing in other colors too.

Go to the pattern: Baby Heart Mittens, more info here.



Baby Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, how is that for the ultimate basic? This pair of baby mittens is genius in its simplicity. The texture is absolutely wonderful and the patterns at the bottom part are very subtle. Stick with neutral shades of beige or go for something bolder instead.


Go to the pattern: Baby Mittens, more info here.

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Scratch Mitts Free Crochet Pattern

This thumbless pair of baby mittens certainly has a retro vibe to it. It is so adorable thanks to the elegant bows, tiny roses, and cute ripple edging. The essence of sweetness! This is the ideal proposal for special occasions. We recommend mixing pastels with white!

Go to the original pattern: Scratch Mitts, more info here.


Cute & Cosy Baby Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

Here is one more treat for the fans of simple, classic basics. Chunky, squishy and so soft, these mittens will make every toddler feel not only warm but also super comfortable. Ask your kids for their favorite colors and make a couple of pairs.

Go to the pattern: Cute & Cosy Baby Mittens, more info here.


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