Blog: The Mental Benefits of Yarn crafting — What Crochet Can Do For You

Crocheting has more mental health benefits than you’d think. The repetitive motions, unwavering focus, and determination to achieve the desired result can all have very positive implications for your mood and emotional well being.

The Basics of Yarn crafting

Yarn crafting has been known to have more than just a utilitarian purpose for a while now.

Crocheting and many other types of yarn crafting are recommended for people of all ages to benefit their mental well being. It helps people focus on one project while taking their mind away (at least for the duration of the activity) from thoughts and ideas that may push them towards anxiety and depression.

And in today’s day and age, when mental health issues are on the rise, having avenues to alleviate stress has become more important than ever. Crocheting and other forms of yarn crafting take the lead among these methods.

How Does Crocheting Affect Your Mental Health?

· Repetitive Action

Crocheting involves the repetitive action of hooking the yarn and looping it to make a stitch, something that comes in handy for those who need a crutch for their anxiety or depression.

For people that pace, tap, rock, smoke, drink, or eat to calm themselves, replacing such an action with crocheting helps them alleviate their stress through a more functional, useful way.

· Safety Bubble

You’re crouched down, working on your project, safe from the world and its many whims. The simple act of just taking some time out and crocheting lets you stay in a personal bubble, where at least for the meantime, nothing can cause any anxiety or panic.


· Portability

Crochet therapy can be practiced anywhere, making it a great solution for those prone to anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, even visualizing the feeling and movement of crochet allows you to calm down. So having something at hand to distract you can be especially useful for sensitive people.

· Hormonal Effect

Repetitive actions release serotonin in the body —a “feel-good” chemical. This not only leads to a better mood and a sense of calmness, but it also reduces your levels of cortisol, a hormone released during times of stress.

Learning from Crochet!

With so many benefits, it’s almost essential that you at least try to pick up crocheting.

And with Your Crochet offering free patterns online, now you can!

With our easy crochet patterns and a handy-dandy crochet needle, you too can take advantage of yarn crafting and give your mental health some much-needed TLC!

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