Afghans & Blankets: Geometric Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Geometric patterns are neat, because of their timelessness. You find them in thoroughly novel designs, but also in ones inspired by native and folk art. Here are two that demonstrate just how versatile they are.

Africa Blanket Pillow CAL Free Crochet Pattern

The Africa Blanket pillow is a pattern inspired by traditional African geometric patterns, which are very rich in terms of shapes and usually very colorful. In this case, the eye-popping undulations of the lines and vibrant colors are simply amazing. This pillow will be an absolute gem in any room you decorate with it. A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Jane Zane

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Africa Blanket


Drop in the Pond Lap Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The Drop in the Pond blanket is a wonderful pattern that uses geometric bands of colors to delineate zigzag designs. This will be a great classic design for a rustic interior.

Skills : Easy to Intermediate    Designer: Elizabeth Ham

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Go to the pattern:

Drop in the Pond


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