Amigurumi: Ami Which Brings You Happiness, Free Crochet Patterns

These very small and quick project can bring fortune and happiness to your recipient.

Chinese New Year Rat Free Crochet Pattern

The Chinese New Year Rat is an adorable little rodent that is easy to make, easy to give and is supposed to bring the holder good luck in the upcoming new year. This is an ultra-cute little project with its big, floppy ears, pointy snout and long tail. Everyone will love this cute animal, and children will just adore playing with it. A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Stephanie Jessica Lau

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Chinese New Year Rat


MeiMei Baby Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Another lucky animal is the elephant. MeiMei is a lovely baby elephant amigurumi pattern that will be a favorite plushie with kids of all ages.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate    Designer:  Dedri Uys

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Go to the pattern:

MeiMei Elephant


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