Accessories: Elegant Lacy Crochet Bookmarks

It is always so hard to come up with ideas for gifts for birthdays, holidays and other occasions, right? Guess what! It gets a lot easier when you are a skilled crocheter and your loved ones are passionate book-lovers. This selection of Elegant Lacy Crochet Bookmarks includes exciting patterns that will help you show all the special people in your life how much you care when the time comes. We bet you love books as well so don’t hesitate to practice making these gems by adding a few to your personal collection. Reading will get even more fascinating from now on! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Elegant Lacy Crochet Bookmarks Free Crochet Patterns


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Golden Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

Good heavens, this design doesn’t resemble a bookmark, does it? It looks more like a piece of very expensive jewelry. So decorative and sophisticated, it will make for a perfect handmade gift for an elegant, passionate reader. Is there one in your life who deserves a special present?


Go to the pattern: Golden Bookmark, more info here.



Leaf Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

This is not just a regular handmade bookmark, this is crochet poetry! Amazingly intricate, lacy and simply beautiful, this useful accessory for book-lovers looks like a piece of art, without a doubt. Make it for someone you adore!


Go to the pattern: Leaf Bookmark, more info here.



Celebration Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to instill the passion for reading in your little ones, you should certainly make a couple of these colorful crochet bookmarks for them to enjoy. This pattern is adorable enough to transform an evening with a book into a fairytale-like experience.


Go to the pattern: Celebration Bookmark, more info here.

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Victorian Memories Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern is the perfect example of openwork artistry. Crocheters are real magicians sometimes, right? So subtle and delicate, this bookmark will quickly become one of your favorites. Remember to choose the prettiest colors!


Go to the original pattern: Victorian Memories Bookmark, more info about this version here.


Fan Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

I am amazed at how beautifully designed this crochet bookmark is. How can such a tiny thing be so stunning? It will look absolutely delightful in a single color if you want to use your personal favorite, but take a moment to observe how beautifully different shades of blue and violet blend into one another below. Do you feel like going for ombre now?


Go to the original pattern: Fan Bookmark, more info about this version here and here.


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