Accessories: Valentine’s Day Crochet Gift Pouches

Are you wondering how to pack your Valentine’s Day cards and sweet little gifts you have prepared for the ones you love? This collection of Valentine’s Day Crochet Gift Pouches is the answer! You get a broad range of lovely patterns to choose from and a huge dose of inspiration if you decide to get creative on your own. Colorful pouches decorated with hearts, flowers and tiny buttons will certainly bring you plenty of joy this February. This is a little Valentine’s gift from us to you!

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Valentine's Day Crochet Gift Pouches Free Patterns

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Valentine Envelope Free Crochet Pattern

People and crochet envelopes with really big hearts are always our favorites, right? This handmade envelope is decorated with a colorful symbol of love. Choose the shades that make you think about your beloved ones and gift it to them on Valentine’s Day.

Go to the pattern: Valentine Envelope, more info here.



Beary Sweet Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

This is the option for all the fans of funny designs inspired by the animal kingdom. The pouch with a beary sweet face on it has a fresh, youthful charm that will certainly put everyone in good moods. Perfect not only for the little ones!

Go to the pattern: Beary Sweet Pouch, more info about this version here.



Heart Envelope Free Crochet Pattern

This is the most minimalist design of all we have chosen for you today. Classy, sophisticated, elegant, perfect if you got invited to a fancy Valentine’s Day date. Make it in contrasting colors, we suggest mixing neutrals with fiery red.

Go to the pattern: Heart Envelope, more info here.

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Heart Coin Purse Free Crochet Pattern

Any fans of sweet. cute and colorful here? Obviously, we are crocheters, right? If you like girly designs in bright, almost neon shades, this is the answer to your Valentine’s prayers. Hide something special inside, zip it and gift it to the one you love!

Go to the original pattern: Heart Coin Purse, more info about this version here.


Crochet Envelope Free Pattern

Can you sense the subtle retro vibes here? We certainly can, that’s why we have chosen this design as a special treat for you at the end of this post. We all know retro means timeless. This envelope will show your other half that your love will last.

Go to the original pattern: Crochet Envelope, more info about this version here.


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