Month: March 2020

Easy Slippers Free Crochet Pattern
Shoes | Slippers | Boots

Shoes | Slippers | Boots: Easy Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

This the season to put on slippers. Of course, not all crocheted slippers are made equal. These ones are notable for being easy to make. The squared off toe is easy (no turning round ends) and leaves the possibility of inserting a decorative toe cap, like shown below. Easy AND attractive… what could be better? […]

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Wispweave Doily Free Crochet Pattern

4Home: Wispweave Doily Free Crochet Pattern

A beautiful doily in delicate colors, which remind me a frozen landscape and ice. It will looks marvelous as a table decor, especially now, when winter is coming. Finished doily is approximately 8″.  Although it requires a few a little bit harder stitches e.g. popcorn, picot, fpdc, bpdc, a pattern should be easy to make, […]

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Amigurumi & Toys

Amigurumi: Easter Decorations, Free Crochet Patterns

Here is a new watchword for us: Easter is Coming! We have to get ready. Crocheted Easter-themed toys are a really great way to build your Easter spirit. Not only will they serve as Easter table decorations or as little accents all around the house, they will also be a fun way to spruce up […]

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Afghans & Blankets
Blanket | Afghan | Throw
Love Stripe Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Afghans & Blankets: Love Stripe Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Monochrome blankets are elegant, but may sometimes seem a little bland. Multiolored blankets are fun, but may tbe a bit loud for some occasions. Stripy blankets are a good middle ground, especially if the stripes are not too garish. A blanket with several stripes is also very elegant with a splash of fun, but does […]

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Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas
Snowman Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi: Snowman Free Crochet Pattern

Do you think Santa is the most popular amigurumi to crochet during wintertime? You are wrong. A snowman is! Maybe because he is more cute? Maybe because he is with us during all winter, and not only for Christmas Night? Reasons are unknown, but I can assure that you will find a perfect spot in […]

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Pretty Pinwheel Doily Free Crochet Pattern

4Home: Pretty Pinwheel Doily Free Crochet Pattern

As I was looking for a Christmas doily pattern, I found this Pretty Pinwheel Doily. It looks so gorgeous, especially in the Red White & Blue project by RosesNLace. As it is a day before Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day, it is a great project to decorate your house, and to underline importance of that day. It will […]

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Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas
Easy Granny Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas: Easy Granny Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

These granny baubles pattern will be great to use as a Christmas gift idea. They are easy and quick to make and will look elegant in a box cover with some fancy tissue patter. To get a nice shape, just put inside them any unwanted or cheap Christmas bauble approx. 3.5” in diameter.  As you can […]

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Bunny Applique Free Crochet Patterns

4Baby: Easter Bunny Applique Free Crochet Patterns

Bunnies are in season, and we need MORE! You can put these on clothing, accessories, on the table or just about anywhere. It is also a great wall hanger or a nice, quick gift for a friend or family. Here are some bunny applique patterns that will enable you to quickly and effectively bunnify your […]

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Home & Decoration
Star Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Star-Shaped Pillow Free Crochet Patterns

4Home: Star-Shaped Pillow Ideas

Crochet pillows are an easy way to change up the entire decor of a room. They can be in any shape and color you want, but let’s focus on the star-shaped pillows today. Star-shaped pillows are great decor that fits both vintage and modern interiors. You may think that they match mostly nurseries, but you […]

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Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Ideas
Crochet Swiffer Cover
Easy Crochet Mop Cover Free Pattern

4Home: Easy Swiffer Cover Free Crochet Pattern

You definitely don’t want to miss this pattern. This is a very useful mop cover and easy to make.  Its strong texture, needed for washing and scrubbing, was designed using the crunch stitch. If you are not familiar with this stitch, you can see the video tutorial below. The crunch stitch gives this mop cover […]

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