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4Home: Colorful Crochet Afghan Squares

The world of Colorful Crochet Afghan Squares is full of amazing ideas, and talented designers are still coming up with new ones! Squares are one of the ways to create amazing afghans, blankets and bedspreads. By working on relatively small chunks of bigger pattern, you can quite painlessly create a very big project. A lot […]

Afghans & Blankets: Color Shifting Squares Free Patterns

Today’s post is all about the colorful play all the crocheters love. It is amazing how versatile most designs are and how easy it is to change their character by using different yarn styles and colors. This phenomenon lets us come back to our favorite patterns all year round as all we have to do […]

Easy 4Beginners: Colorful Cable Stitch Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

Here is a neat use of the cable stitch to make a mesh-like repeating pattern that would be useful for making afghan squares, trivets, potholders or placemats. The multi-colored diagonals interspersed with white ones makes for an attractive and modern looking end product. While still easy, the advanced beginner should find just the right amount […]

Afghans & Blankets: Colorful Spots, Free Crochet Patterns

Despite the fact that these blankets are somewhat dissimilar, one made of hexagons and the other of squares, they are both evocative of a warm Sunday morning and both would be great to wrap yourself up in with your favorite cuppa. Little Dots Blanket Free Crochet Pattern Here is a wonderful blanket pattern based on […]

Afghans & Blankets: Mosaic Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Continuing in the theme of geometric patterns, here are some examples of blankets that make use of recurrent geometric designs to create stunning, colorful surfaces to delight the eye. Shoji Blanket Free Crochet Pattern The Shoji blanket is a wonderful, Japanese-inspired pattern made of soft Bamboo yarn. The geometric squares are highly evocative of Oriental […]

Afghans & Blankets: Adorable Unicorn Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Unicorns it is! As one of the most loved crochet themes, unicorns are always in style and there is no such thing as too many unicorn-inspied projects.  A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post. Hannah’s Unicorn Blanket CAL Free Pattern Hanna’s Unicorn Blanket is a CAL that starts on […]

Blanket | Afghan | Throw: Minion Inspired Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Oooo, banana! A granny square blanket full of Minion faced squares will surely will be a favorite with your baby, toddler or even older child. This funny and colorful pattern is hard to resist, because the well combined colors make its very eye-catching. The finished blanket is approximately 33” x 33” but you can make […]

Blanket | Afghan | Throw: Best Blanket CAL for Crochet Square Lovers Free Patterns

The Wrapped in Jamie CAL is one of the most ambitious CAL projects in recent memory. It’s a CAL that started in Spt 2019, and has been divided into three seasons, with season 1 consisting of squares and blankets of up to 12 squares. Season 2 is for a large square, and season 3 will […]

Blanket | Afghan | Throw: Fleur Afghan Block Free Crochet Pattern

One approach to making afghans is to crochet small squares, and produce a blanket with a fine visual texture instead of large surface panels, These flower-themed blocks are ideal for this, as they have a colorful floral accent on a white background with a border. This is a traditional color layout, but the color palette […]